Mastering Excel Free PDF Download eBook

If you want to master in Excel, then this Mastering Excel Free PDF Download eBook can be the best gift for you. In the Power Pack Bundle of this Mastering Excel book, you can learn amazing things like Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map. You will become an Excel guru, by the way this eBook is written by Mark Moore,

Mastering Excel Free PDF Download eBook
Mastering Excel Free PDF Download eBook

Mastering Excel Free PDF Download

This course will concentrate on Power Query, a mostly unexplored function that Microsoft included with Excel. Power Query is a really great tool. It provides you with multiple options for auditing and analyzing your workbooks. If you discover yourself

If you’re always attempting to find out how other people have modified their Excel files or how they function, this will be right up your alley. When you see something like that, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

What is a Power Query?

Excel is being taken in a new direction by Microsoft. Microsoft has added some quite strong capabilities to Excel to assist users in analyzing massive amounts of data. This

Typically, analysis is referred to as business intelligence (BI). Processing and working with these massive data sets was formerly restricted to highly skilled technical personnel using costly software programs. Microsoft wishes to eliminate that. They want to make BI accessible to the typical user. The phrase “self service business intelligence” refers to the fact that users can now carry out this analysis without contacting outside experts or their IT teams.

Power Query

In order to use Power Query to connect to external data sources and change the data for usage in Excel, this tutorial will mostly focus on that process. Once the information is received

Excel is a powerful tool that can be used to produce stunning presentations, design dashboards, and work with data in pivot tables and other Excel BI tools.
I want to draw your attention to a small detail that may confound more experienced Excel users. MSQuery, what about it? One tool included with Excel is called MSQuery. I have a lecture on MS Query in particular. Excel receives the data that MS Query retrieves from a data source. It works just like Power Query in that regard.

But Power Query is far more capable. Multiple data sources can be connected to, joined, and combined into a single spreadsheet using Power Query. Additionally, joins, exclusions, and data manipulation are possible with Power Query.

prior to Excel even being opened. Let’s take an example where you regularly retrieve the sales information for the current month by connecting to your sales database. After receiving the data from MS Query, divide the full name files into First, Last, and Middle names in Excel.
Several formulas must also be written in order to correct any mistakes or missing data. This will be your monthly routine. Naturally, the procedure becomes more laborious the more data cleansing you need to perform.

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